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I Get Up, I Get Down

May 7, 2008

My day began yesterday with my heart being strangely, (very strangely), warmed by this song. Anyone want to take a stab at interpreting the lyrics in the comments, go for it.

Then I went to the Champaign Public Library to study Psalm 37. At the men’s retreat last month I challenged everyone to set aside two hours in the next month to study at one sitting with nothing but a Bible, pen, and paper. Yesterday was my two hour study session and it was very satisfying. Thanks be to God, but thanks be also to the architects of the Quiet Study Room at the new library. If you haven’t tried reading your Bible yet in there, I highly recommend it. Ahh, the light.

As for the fruits of my study, it was really just a deepening of the lessons I shared in this earlier post. If God commands us to be anxious for nothing, then there really is nothing to be anxious about. My wife and I have decided to declare all out war on our anxieties and, by God’s grace, we will spend the rest of our days delighting ourselves in rab shalom, abundant peace. (Ps 37:11).

Anybody else put in their two hours yet this month? Maybe we should set a time to get together and talk about it.

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  1. mrs mike clochesy permalink
    May 13, 2008 9:11 pm

    …I am so thankful for your ministry !!! God uses you so much in the life of my son
    to encourage and mentor him more than you know. rab shalom Michael

  2. egana permalink
    June 12, 2008 6:49 pm

    I used to think that being happy was 1 continual UP UP UP. And if anything got me DOWN it was really bad, and I would get really freaked about it, and then get REALLY DOWN.

    It is a great comfort to me (and to those who live with me) that God is faithful to restore my UP after I have endured the DOWN. Now I can sort of hold my breath through the DOWN, trusting in Him, knowing that in time the UP will come back. Thankfully, my particular down times don’t last all that long. Not compared to some…

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