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Call to Worship

April 3, 2008

I’ve been reading a book lately by G.S. Dawson, a Presbyterian pastor in North Carolina, on the doctrine of the Ascension.  He argues that neglect of this doctrine is partly responsible for our worldliness.  We fail to reflect on the fact that Jesus did not dissolve after he ascended into sky, but he remains the incarnate fully human Son of God at the right hand of the Father.  When we “spiritualize” Christ, it becomes harder for us to set our minds on things above because we don’t have any concrete ideas of things above.  Too little do we think of those “rich wounds yet visible above in beauty glorified”.

So I’ve decided to make the Ascension of Christ our theme for worship this Sunday.  Perhaps by telling you this now it will help you prepare for worship, as we on the worship team are always privileged to do.

So here’s a couple of hymns you can be prepared to sing:

Trinity Hymnal #212 A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing

Trinity Hymnal #217 Look Ye Saints the Sight is Glorious

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