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Believe it or not, that’s a bald eagle

March 27, 2007


It’s not the most stirring photo of one that you’ve ever seen, but it’s cool to me because this one actually lives just behind Katie’s folks’ house in this tree…

eagle-005.jpg    Can’t see it?  I’ll zoom in on the nest at the top.


Can you see it?  It’s as big as your dining room table and the “twigs” used to make it are as big around as your wrist.   As we were driving up the driveway and crossing the bridge over this creekeagle-003.jpg (click to enlarge)

Katie gasped and I looked over and saw the eagle, white head, yellow beak and all sitting by the edge of the creek about 30 yards away.  Then he took off and flew away from us along the creek.  That was something to see.  This thing is so big that it takes off like a 747.  It flaps its ginormous wings and travels a long way just a foot or two off the ground before it gets enough lift to soar. 

Here’s a link to a site with some pictures of bald eagles.  I tried to get one myself, but I wasn’t fast enough.

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