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Ray Comfort

July 10, 2006

So, last week I introduced Steve Brown to you.  This week I want to call your attention to another dude.  I know less about this guy.  There are a couple of sermons available free all over the place online.  I’ll find and post a link at the bottom.  One is called “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” and another is “True and False Conversions”.  His basic thesis is that we need to preach the law when we do evangelism otherwise people do not know their need for a Savior.  He is Calvinistic in his soteriology.  I think the sermons are pretty dang good.

A couple of things make me hesitate.  Maybe one of you will know more background and ease my fears.  He’s on TBN.  Can anything good come out of TBN?  Is this the seal of his weirdoness or has the Lord placed a mole inside the temple of false teaching?  He also has Kirk Cameron as his sidekick.  Now I know nothing really of Kirk Cameron.  I don’t want to slander him.  But I have celebrityphobia.  Maybe Kirk wants to use his acting skills to promote a great message.  Maybe Ray wants to promote his great message through Kirk’s acting skills.  Maybe I’m just a big jerk who prejudges all mass media.  Anyway, if you’re a big jerk like me, you’ll need to work to see past the marketing to get to the message.  But the message seems pretty dang good.  Correct me if I’m wrong…

True and False Conversions

Hell’s Best Kept Secret

P.S.  As I’ve looked for critiques of his ministry online, all I’ve found is Arminians who hate him for his views on eternal security.

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  1. July 11, 2006 10:00 am

    It seems that with a name like ‘Comfort’, he can really gain a hearing. (Myself on the other hand, at least in the US…) I thought the “True and False Conversions” was really good. I’m surprised that kind of content is on TBN. Although, TBN is not really my thing…I’m out of my element.

    I noticed he wasn’t afraid of quoting guys that I don’t classify as agreeing w/ his teaching, like Finney, Moody, and Wesley. I shouldn’t fall for the ‘poisoning the well’ falacy, and really need to read what they actually wrote instead of going by hearsay. But it is my impression that the methods (and theology) of these men are the roots of the modern evangelical methods which Comfort opposes (but ‘comfort’ affirms.) Does anybody have a good source to direct me to on this? Do I just have to wait and take a class on this segment of Church history?

  2. July 11, 2006 10:07 am

    Ray Comfort is excellent. I’ve been hearing/seeing him for over ten years. TBN does broadcast his Way of the Master series with Kirk Cameron but that is just God’s way of showing us that He uses whatever He wants to use to get the truth to the elect. Ray is indeed the TBN mole. As far as Kirk Cameron is concerned he, too, is a mole; albeit perhaps a cheesey one.

    James White has spent considerable time with both of them, particularly Kirk recently in CA filming for season three of TWOTM series which will feature James as a guest. He told us that they are good, sincere and teachable blokes who love the Lord and have a great zeal, passion and heart for the lost. It shows.

    Praise God for their ministry.

  3. July 13, 2006 4:06 pm

    with the subject of Ray’s “leading with the Law,” I saw this which is an application of the same thing with regard to preaching the Psalms (or any text really…?).

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