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Better is One Day

July 3, 2006

One day with God is better than a thousand elsewhere.  That’s three years.  This morning I spent a half day with God, so that was only better than a year and a half doing anything else.

I sang some songs, I read Galatians 2, I went on a prayer walk with Dora the beagle and prayed through Psalm 42, and then I decided to read Proverbs.  That was the highlight.  I only made it through the first four chapters, but I was very motivated again to renew a disciplined pursuit of wisdom.  Chapter 2 says that if we will memorize Scripture, pray, and study, then wisdom will enter our hearts and knowledge will be pleasant to our souls.  And then, once wisdom is your delight and your soul is satisfied, you will be delivered from evil men and forbidden women. 

Here’s an excerpt from a Fall 2002 sermon on Proverbs 2:

Our small groups in this church are not Bible studies.  We don’t apologize for that, we believe that our small group time is best used encouraging one another, confessing our sins to one another, praying for one another.  So studying the Bible is something that must be an individual discipline for us.  Charles Bridges in his commentary on this verse writes that the real profit of Bible study can only be reaped in retirement.  We may read the Scriptures in company, but to search them, we must be alone with God.

I’m coming to believe that the multitude of Bible study helps available to us in this generation has actually weakened our ability to do personal Bible study.  We’ve come to believe that we need some big library or some special technique to study the Bible.  But I want to commend to you a simpler approach.  Just get alone with a Bible and a pen and paper and start in on a book.  Write down key repeated words and phrases, try to make an outline of the book, look for the macrostructure of the narrative or of the argument.  And then when you think of questions that you can’t yet answer, start searching the Scriptures for other verses that will shine light on the one you are studying.  Here’s where I would urge you to have a Bible with cross references down the middle so that you can follow a thought throughout the Bible.  If you prayerfully persist in that search, God is going to bless you.             

This kind of study does take time.  This is a different discipline than your daily meditation on the word.  In my experience, I find Bible study really kicks in about the middle of the second hour.   So let me encourage you to try this.  Get out your date book and make a two hour date with God once a month.  And get alone with Him with nothing but your Bible, pen and paper and start searching. 

And here’s a link to more Proverbs sermons: link 

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  1. egana permalink
    July 3, 2006 4:36 pm

    ahhhhh… I bet this morning was great! I have been starting out my mornings with long prayer walks with Him, and He makes me so happy. I am going to take your admonition to visit with Him for an extended period of time very soon. Maybe I can get Gorfchild to take the kids to the park or zoo or movies or something…

    Mom2two sent me an email with the prayer requests from last week (thanks a bunch!) and several ideas for prayer walking. She recommended I take that little “core commitments” list with the deacon list on the back (I did that this morning.. you all were lifted up as I crunched along my neighborhodd sidewalks today), and prayed through it. I only got to #3 on the list, because it is such a great list, and what an honor to be a part of God’s work in our body…

    anyway, I am glad you had a great time with Him too… I am again hoping to grow in wisdom as well, and I think getting my eyes off myself and on to His great work in the mornings as I walk and talk with Him has been stirring up that desire…

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