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The Trials of a Public School Parent

March 1, 2006

In the last three days at middle school, my daughter has been called a racist and a homophobe and has been told that her dad is a hypocrite and that, y’know, you don’t have to believe what your parents believe.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster, but many of my wife’s tears have been tears of joy. This is exactly why we send our kids to public school. It’s great to have our daughter clinging to our side while we strategize against the worldly and wicked. Her heart is open right now and God is making himself known in times of trouble. And I praise God for the many Christian moles within the schools who have helped us along the way.

Home school readers, I mean no disrespect. God will send you your portion of trials to opportunize. Let us pray for one another. Not everyone has the same calling. But pray for those who, like Daniel, seek to stand and (Lord willing) even stand out in the Babylonian schools.

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  1. May 22, 2006 3:50 pm

    I know my comment is coming in WAY late here, but I wanted to let you know that I am grieved by the historic animosity between the two factions: public schoolers and homeschoolers. It drives me crazy! Conservative Christian circles tend to associate home education with all that is holy and good. ARGH!

    Home education is merely one of many options parents have for fulfilling our God-given responsiblity to instruct, discipline, train up, and love on our children. And NONE of these options are without difficulty, trials, or frustrations.

    We have so far participated in the “home” and “private” options for education, so my observations here are first hand. My understanding of the “public” option continues to be second hand, but we do not know what tomorrow may bring…

    It grieves me deeply that, on top of the daily difficulties your children face in Babylon Central, you have to deal with some of the foolish, insensitive, and prideful misconceptions of some of the more vocal homeschoolers in our community, online, and abroad (literarily speaking).

    Let me, for one, tell you that I admire you and your wife for the way you raise your children, the way you steep them in the Word and strengthen them in their faith and knowledge of God, the way you trust them to participate to the fullest in your Christian lives, the way you cover them with prayer and blessing, the way you and KT work together to bring about a family that glorifies our God.

    I think it is awesome, and we over here are being strengthened in our attempts to bring up our own by watching your example. The particulars of where the kids learn their stuff hardly matters… those are the “whatever” you preached yesterday in Psalm 1. Your kids are a delight to us, and you are teaching them how to delight in our God.

    What else is there to say? Thanks you for your example!


    p.s. Lest you feel lionized, I know full well you guys mess up, blow it, and make huge mistakes that you wish you could erase and do over. I know you’re not perfect. I’m not talking about your “perfections!” I am talking about your sincerity, your dedication to the Lord, His Word, and each other, and your steadfast, daily application of that word into the lives of your children.

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